Publix Super Market at Vista Lakes Center, South Chickasaw Trail, Orlando, FL, USA Food Poisoning

poisoned 2 weeks ago
6485 South Chickasaw Trail, Orlando, 32829 Florida, United States
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“In a freshly clean kitchen with clean cooking tools, I made shrimp pad Thai which included shrimp, green onion, cilantro, garlic, lime, and canned peanuts, in addition to packaged noodles, sauces, and oils. I bought all ingredients except for the olive oil at my local Publix 3 days prior. The shrimp was frozen Publix medium peeled and deveined. It immediately went in my freezer when I got it and was defrosted in a clean bowl with tap water less than 30 minutes before I began cooking. 4-5 hours later, I woke up with nausea and ran to the toilet but didn’t get sick. When I woke up again later, I was still nauseous, my stomach felt bad, and I had diarrhea. All symptoms were mild compared to other food poisoning I’ve had. Since I cooked at home, I thought maybe I caught a bug. I babied my stomach all day, felt better, and had reheated leftovers for dinner. Now 4 hours after dinner, I am nauseous in the same way again. I believe it was good poisoning, most likely the shrimp, and possibly made not as bad either due to good health or possibly the aid of the cilantro.”
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