Subway, Halifax Rd, Staincliffe, Dewsbury WF13 4AF, UK

Poisoned 3 years ago
Halifax Road, Dewsbury, WF13 4AF England, United Kingdom
Subway, Halifax Rd, Staincliffe, Dewsbury WF13 4AF, UK
“Somebody I know recently got food poisoning from subway where I had it. They had similar symptoms to me and, like me, didn't report it or see a doctor.

The reason I am reporting it now is because I recently went on a food hygiene course and they said regardless of when it was, report it and at least the issue is raised so other people know.

So I had it last year. I distinctly remember it, as you do traumatic events. It was midday 12 noon and I ordered my usual (spicy Italian) with lettuce, jalapeños, onion, peppers and no sauce. It was around 9pm that same day when I started to feel woozy. I started vomiting at around 10. I was up all night vomiting, I could not keep anything down.

I couldn't even stomach water. The speed from the food I ate to vomiting makes me think it was some kind of acute food poisoning, quite severe because I didn't get diarrhoea. That occurs usually 24 hours after ingestion of a toxin. Mine occurred within 10.

Anyway, I thought I should report it since it was so severe. I've only had it once in my life and it was not anywhere near as bad as I had it then. Thanks.”
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