Taco Bell Food Poisoning

Poisoned 3 years ago
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“I bought 5 five layer beefy bean burritos, 3 loaded potato burritos and 3 crunchy taco grillers. I bought tacos at the location listed above, 7933 Belair Rd. I bought the burritos for my husband, my brother and one for myself. My husband and brother became very sick. It effected my husband worse. He was sick and weak for three days and for the next two days after, he was too queasy to eat. I loaded him up on celery sticks and it helped his stomach a lot. My brother was sick for one day. I was queasy but not nearly sick as my husband. My brother and I only ate one burrito but my husband had two bigger burritos. I haven't had this issue from Taco Bell in the past but I cannot take this chance again. From now on, I will purchase ground beef and burritos and make my own. It takes no time at all making burritos, it's cleaner and cooked right and I know it will not make my husband sick.
By the way, Taco Bell is outrageously over priced and the only "layers" of dough anyway.
No More Taco Bell.”
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1 person had — nausea and vomiting
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