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Multiple brands Hamburger and Hot Dog Buns recalled - possible presence of plastic pieces

Multiple brands Hamburger, Hot Dog Buns and other bakery products are being recalled due to the possible presence of small pieces of hard plastic that may cause a choking hazard. The recall was issued by Flowers Foods, Inc. No injuries have been reported so far.

The recalled products were under multiple brand names and distributed to several retailers in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia.

You can check the full recall list on the FDA website

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Salmonella Outbreak Investigation Potentially Linked to Tailor Cut Produce Fruit Mix, in NJ, NY, and PA

Report Type: Outbreak
Dec 12th, 2019
According to the latest update by the CDC, 11 people have been reported sick with this Salmonella strain (Minnesota and Pennsylvania). Seven people have required hospitalization and no deaths have been reported.

Dec 09th, 2019
FDA and the Pennsylvania Department of Health are investigating a Salmonella... See More

ALDI, 1645 E Kearney St, Springfield, MO 65803, United States

Report Type: Food Poisoning
Symptoms: Nausea Vomiting
“4 people in family became sick. Pickles were the common food. I person who didn’t eat was fine., Approximately 2-3 hours , 4 people started vomiting with stomach pain kosher dill spears from deli. Also had Romain and Spinach the day before. It might be a virus as well. Not... See More
Reported By User

CAVA, East Santa Ana Canyon Road, Anaheim, CA, USA

Report Type: Food Poisoning
Symptoms: Diarrhea Vomiting
“Shortly after eating, I began to feel nauseous. Was throwing up all night. My husband and daughter followed with vomiting the next day. My daughter was in the ER because she could not stop vomiting. We all had a variation of the the same food. The only person who did... See More
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Chando's Tacos, Pleasant Grove Boulevard, Roseville, CA, USA

Report Type: Food Poisoning
Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea Stomach Pain
“Three family members. Two with taco combo with different meats. One quesidillas with carnitas. One also had a side of beans. All three with stomach aches. One with beans had immediate diarrhea and then felt better. Other two still felt vaguely uncomfortable and slightly sick the next day and avoided... See More
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Fresh Thyme Farmers Market, Rockville Road, Indianapolis, IN, USA

Report Type: Food Poisoning
Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea Vomiting
“After having homemade vegan spinach and cauliflower curry everyone in my family got sick. Two nights in a row vomit, diarrhea and stomach ache. I read FDA reports on November recalls that includes spinach being infested”
Reported By User

New Phó, East Anaheim Street, Long Beach, CA, USA

Report Type: Food Poisoning
Symptoms: Diarrhea Vomiting
“Tonight we ate at this place which we originally have been to a few times and returned home feeling nauseous an hour later , 3 of us had beef in our different orders and drank the water . The other Person did not get sick because ordered shrimp and had... See More
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Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, 10132 San Jose Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32257, USA

Report Type: Food Poisoning
Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea Vomiting Other
“I ordered a 12 piece dark meat spicy family meal with mash potatoes and red beans and rice I spent $30 and some change. Me and my boyfriend got food poisoning a bed had to go to the hospital. I also gave my other two children some food however my... See More
Reported By User

Mickey's Family Crab House, Jefferson Bridge Road, Bethany Beach, DE, USA

Report Type: Food Poisoning
Symptoms: Diarrhea
“Our family went out to eat crabs last night and over half the family has the same symptoms with one additional with vomiting, Currently 5 are sick still unsure if others are since they're still resting. It's been about 8-12 hours for symptoms to start”
Reported By User
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Hungry Jacks, Deer Park VIC, Australia

Report Type: Food Poisoning
Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea Other
“Purchased food there on the 8th of December 2019. The food was terribly cold and the onion rings were cold too and soggy full of oil. After eating this me and my family became very unwell with strangling pains and diarrhea . After paying 46.75 you would expect a decent... See More
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Shake Shack, North Clark Street, Lake View East, Chicago, IL, USA

Report Type: Food Poisoning
Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea Vomiting
“After a lovely meal on the 11/24/19 my wife, baby, and I came home and started feeling nauseous. Not long after my wife started vomiting and had diarrhea. I followed soon after as we took turns hugging the bowl and taking care of our son (ninja level parenting). We were... See More
Reported By User

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