KFC, Colne Road, Burnley, United Kingdom

Food Poisoning 2 years ago
Burnley, BB10 1DY England, United Kingdom
KFC, Colne Road, Burnley, United Kingdom
“Dear sir/madam
I came to kfc on colne road Burnley yesterday at around 22.30 to have my usual zinger tower box meal with beans as a side an 4 mini fillet burgers, I was given a piece of chicken instead of wings which come with it, as the cashier/assistant confirmed there Is no spicy wings available an she didn't look happy to be there, I still ordered the food although I didn't get the wings, I came to my car to eat I looked in the bag there was no napkins no sauce no forks or lemon wipes, so next I opened the box an noticed the chips seemed dry as I was Hungary an looking forward to my treat I dug Into the chips an then beans an I opened the burger which was sloppy an bun not been put together neatly as if it was slapped on, I wasn't pleased at all, I am a club member an regulary order being a (HALAL) I have not had this happen to me before at any of my visits to kfc. This morning I got up with a upset stomach an have been constipating feeling neuasa, Bowles trying to expel nearly every 20 minutes I am in so much agony an cannot eat or drink I am constantly going to toilet an have lost alot of weight an would really like to address this matter urgently.”
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1 person had — diarrhea, fever and nausea