Panda Express, Carpenter Road, Skokie, IL, USA

Food Poisoning 10 months ago
Carpenter Road, Skokie, 60077 Illinois, United States
Total all time reports: 2
Total all time sick persons: 3
Panda Express, Carpenter Road, Skokie, IL, USA
“I ate Panda Express- white rice, kung pao chicken and the broccoli beef side. I eat it pretty frequently but got sick again- 2nd time in last 6 months and it was Panda both times! It took about 5 hrs. to start. I felt very bloated and had stomach cramping but couldn't throw up for over an hour even though I knew my body needed to. Well it finally did about 7 times in 2 different sittings. Then came the diahrea. My plans for tomorrow are ruined. I will NEVER eat there again!! P.s. I never get sick and have a very strong stomach. This was definitely food poisoning both times!”
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