Wendy's, Colerain Avenue, Cincinnati, OH, USA

Poisoned 1 year ago
Colerain Avenue, Cincinnati, 45239 Ohio, United States
Wendy's, Colerain Avenue, Cincinnati, OH, USA
“Friend from work was driving me home when we decided to go through a drive-thru. After two freakish experiences at 2 other restaurants we stopped at Wendy's on Colerain Ave. I ordered a Dave's Double and he ordered a 4 for 4$ BLT combo. The day afterwards I had a horrible fever of 102 degrees (Yikes) and was vomiting almost every hour for 12+ hours. Symptoms started to be relieved after self-treatment and some home remedies, however I had to call off work one day because of how ill I was and the following day at work I still felt like a walking trainwreck.
In total, symptoms lasted a little over 36 hours I would say and it felt like a horrendous amplified version of a stomach flu. I was throwing up all day the day afterwards with constant debilitating stomach pain and malaise. Even after I had thrown up everything in my stomach, my gag reflex was still going wild for hours, causing me to wretch over and over again. Felt better after attempting to soothe my stomach with some Chamomile tea and club soda and then taking a good night's rest.
Now, don't get me wrong: Wendy's is my favorite fast food joint. I love their sandwiches because they are definitely far superior in quality when compared to other fast food places. But this was the worst restaurant experience of my entire life, no reservations (and no pun intended). I've never had such a thing happen before at a Wendy's, or any restaurant for that matter, and I certainly hope it never happens again. Probably won't put me off Wendy's entirely, but it definitely probably will for a long time, and they have definitely earned this 1 star rating off the back of this experience. Geez Wendy's, get your crap together.”
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