Bahama Breeze, International Drive, Orlando, FL, USA

Food Poisoning 7 months ago
International Drive, Orlando, 32819 Florida, United States
Bahama Breeze, International Drive, Orlando, FL, USA
“My husband and I had our last meal of a 17 day holiday on 2nd July 2019. I avoided the crab due to impending traveling.
I had fish tacos and chicken tortilla soup and my husband had chicken & tropical fruit salad.
We caught a flight to London Gatwick 3 hours later. I felt sick on the plane and couldn’t eat. I thought I was travel sick(something I've never had before). After the journey from hell we finally got in a taxi at Gatwick. I somehow managed not to throw up in the taxi. I was sick at home in London and sick again about 4 hours later. I had diarrhea for a week and then on and off for another 10 days. I have had nausea for nearly 4 weeks now and still haven’t revovered. My husband followed with similar symptoms 24 hrs after me. He recovered about four days ago.
My husband finished off the chicken tortilla soup and ate one of the tortillas ( no filling) from the fish tacos. We think it must’ve been the chicken tortilla soup.
It’s a shame as this was the first restaurant we ever visited in Florida 8 years ago and has remained a favorite on our subsequent visits.”
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