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Product: Crab



Persons Reported Sick Last 7 Days

Little Kitchen, North Sprigg Street, Cape Girardeau, MO, USA

Report Type: Food Poisoning
Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea Vomiting Stomach Pain
“Got crab rangoons about 5 pm, Ate them right away. Around 9 pm starting burping uncontrollably for about an hour. With the burping started intense intestinal pain, it felt like my intestines were moving counter clockwise and clockwise, back and forth. A few hours later watery diarrhea started. I took... See More tums and pepto bismol but didn’t help at all. Starting vomiting all water and stomach acid from 1 am to 8/9 am the next day, uncontrollably.
Reported By User

Red Lobster, Dream Street, Florence, KY, USA

Report Type: Food Poisoning
Symptoms: Nausea Vomiting
“I ate crab legs, shrimp crab ragoon, and Walts Shrimp around 12 or 12:30 yesterday. Around 5:30 or 6pm, I started profusely vomiting. I was the only one who got sick but my husband ate a different meal (not crab legs or shrimp).  ”
Reported By User

The Buffet at Bellagio, South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV, USA

Report Type: Food Poisoning
Symptoms: Diarrhea Fever Cramps Bloating Chills
“I ate at the buffet from 9-10pm on 1/3. Prior to this I had only KIND bars and peanut butter as I went on multiple hikes in Grand Canyon since sunrise. I woke up at 3am that night with stomach cramps, bloating, fever, chills and severe diarrhea. Today is 1/6... See More and I continue to have those symptoms. I had tuna and salmon sushi, raw oysters, crab legs, shrimps, salad bar, ice cream and some other cooked food.
Reported By User

Yummy Crab, Tyvola Road, Charlotte, NC, USA

Report Type: Food Poisoning
Symptoms: Vomiting
“I ate king crab legs and the shrim and sausage within 24 hours I was bent over and laying on my bathroom floor in a pool of my own vomit. It was disgusting and I’m still feeling sick TWO DAYS LATER !! F** YOU ”
Reported By User

Scratch, Castro Street, Mountain View, CA, USA

Report Type: Food Poisoning
Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea Vomiting
“Not sure. I had lunch there at 1 to 2pm. Got very sick around 7pm. I ate brussel sprouts, a crabcakes and lobster roll. ”
Reported By User

Asian Garden, Market Street, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Report Type: Food Poisoning
Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea
“Ate pork fried rice, crab Rangoon, and short rib meal. ”
Reported By User

Vallarta Supermarkets, Bear Mountain Boulevard, Arvin, CA 93203, USA

Report Type: Food Poisoning
Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea Vomiting
“Alaska king crab Family ate crab yesterday at dinner and around six to seven hour later every one was throwing up or having diarrhea I had all three  ”
Reported By User

Caesars Southern Indiana Hotel & Casino, 11999 Casino Center Dr SE, Elizabeth, IN 47117, United States

Report Type: Food Poisoning
Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea Fever Vomiting Cramps Bloating Chills Gas
“New Years Eve party. We had eaten and about 2 to 4 hours later had all of the symptoms of food poisoning. Even over 24 hours almost 48 still sick We had been invited to the New Years Eve party. My husband and I. It had a buffet. Lots of... See More dishes with shellfish, Raw shrimp, Crab claws, cooked salmon, stuffed pasta with crab ect... A lady beside us I heard her say she wasn’t feeling well. They left. We stayed and had a few more glasses of wine. And listen to the music and talking to others at our table. We had then stepped out to smoke and my husband chews. We both wasn’t feeling so well and decided to go to the room. It was probably close to two hours later I had severe vomiting and diarrhea for over two hours. To the point it was both at the same time. My husband had diarrhea and stomach cramping. We chilled and kept going from hot to cold. The next morning we tried to eat breakfast with room service. Nothing would stay down. That was around 10:30AM We hadn’t eaten since 7:30PM the night before at the party. And on the 31st that day for lunch we had only a sandwich at work. Last night at 5:00 we had a reservation for the steak house and we both tried to eat but ended up taking it to the room because we both became ill feverish and chilling, gas, diarrhea. We checked out early due to the fact we both just wanted the comfort of home. Today we both trying to work are still sick with gas, bloating, nausea and diarrhea. We both seem to think it was the crab claws. They was totally frozen when we tried to eat them. I’m almost certain it’s food poisoning I had it twenty years ago and pretty much the same symptoms. It was a week before I had felt better. And I am curious if anyone else reported the same??
Reported By User

New Orleans Cajun Seafood, West Colonial Drive, Orlando, FL, USA

Report Type: Food Poisoning
Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea Vomiting Body Ache
“Ate 1/2 of my Dungeness Crab meal in garlic butter sauce & had diarrhea and threw up within the hour. Up all night continually getting sick and now have horrible body aches. Been taking warm showers & drinking lots of water hoping to flush it out. Been getting food on... See More special occasions from them for the last 3yrs without any issues. 1st time I've experienced this & will never go back now!
Reported By User

Kugo Japanese Restaurant, Quentin Road, Lebanon, PA, USA

Report Type: Food Poisoning
Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea
“My bf got sick after eating 6 imitation crabs sushi rolls 1-2 hours after ingesting ”
Reported By User

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