Subway, Joliet Street, Dyer, IN, United States

Poisoned 3 years ago
Joliet Street, Dyer, 46311 Indiana, United States
Subway, Joliet Street, Dyer, IN, United States
“I had a sandwich with light mayo, all the veggies, and salami/pepperoni. I ate half in the morning and had to go to the bathroom immediately. Cramps followed for a few hours. I thought maybe it was the coffee that I had that upset my system, so I ate the other half of the sandwich around 3 (yes it was in the fridge til then) and the same thing happened. I haven't eaten subway often because this has happened before, my boyfriend picked it up for us. He didn't get sick. He had a Philly cheese steak with only onions and green bell peppers. So I guess it could have been any of the veggies
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