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Tijuana Flats, Dunlawton Avenue, Port Orange, FL, United States
Symptômes: Diarrhée, Nausée, Fièvre
My husband and I both ate the chimi chonga burritos, and chips with sulsa dip. We've eaten dozens of times at the Daytona Beach Tiajuana Flats, without any incident. It hit him soon after departure. As bad as it was, he didn't seem to worry too much then... but when he ate my leftover (refrigerated!) half the next day, the trouble ensued. He wisely grabbed a tumbler of water (hydration). Not much sleep for him that night, but thank God for Preparation-H, as many times as he needed it! Soon after it has started on me, with nausea and having to relieve myself frequently.
— Rapporté par l'utilisateur 25 juin 2016 16:30