McDonald's, 5th Avenue, Youngstown, OH, United States Food Poisoning

Poisoned 1 year ago
570 5th Avenue, Youngstown, 44502 Ohio, United States
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Dinner box, “This is the second time I have eaten at this McDonald’s and got very sick afterwards. A group of friends and I get a $10 dinner box from time to time. The first time it happened, I knew something was not right but it could’ve just been a coincidence. The second time, I knew right away that it could not be a coincidence. I have not been able to even sleep because I cannot get out of the bathroom, and my friends are having the same dilemma. This McDonald’s is the worst McDonald’s I’ve ever been to, and a very horrible food establishment. Don’t get me wrong, fast food is all around unhealthy regardless. However, eating it from time to time should not make me feel this disgustingly sick. The place should be extremely inspected and/or shut down. Unfortunately, I doubt it will be. Thank you.”
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1 person had — diarrhea, fever and nausea
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