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Runny Nose

Updated: October 6, 2023 5:20 PM
I had an allergic reaction when eating Doritos, I started to sneeze non-stop, trouble breathing, runny nose, discomfort Doritos, the reaction was immediate. Irritated airway | Symptoms: Other, Allergic Reaction, Runny Nose, Shortness of Breath See Less

Got 2 meatball footlongs Saturday 08/26/2023. Within 30 minutes of eating, felt upset stomach. Ended up having diarrhea. For over a week constant diarrhea. No solid bowl movements nearly 2 weeks later. Developed flu like symptoms within 4 days, stuffy nose, runny nose, phlegm, coughing, vomiting. Started... See More off thinking it was food poisoning but this is way worse. Started immediately after eating on 08/26/2023, and now 09/06/2023 starting to get better. Will never eat at this location again. Had good experiences at this location previously, but after being horribly sick for nearly 2 weeks I will never go to this subway again. | Symptoms: Nausea, Diarrhea, Vomiting, Something else, Runny Nose, Cough See Less

Fortunately, your illness is very, very unlikely to have been caused by the Subway sandwiches. Based on your symptoms and rapid onset of illness after eating, it is more probable that you were suffering from influenza or COVID. No food poisoning causes respiratory symptoms, and very, very rarely have such a short incubation period. The onset of illness after eating was just poor timing, but coincidental nonetheless. Hope you are feeling better today.
Reply 2 months ago
Iwaspoisoned Support
Hi, thanks so much for your comment. TIP: How, when, and if you become ill after eating contaminated food will depend on the ‘bug’, but also the amount of exposure, your age, and your health. Food poisoning can be especially dangerous, and even life-threatening, for people with weakened immune systems. Also, if the contamination is chemical or physical, symptoms can start within minutes. If it is biological contamination, it can start as fast as 30 minutes (e.g. Staph). Other types of contamination can take longer, it all depends on what it was, but it can be fast. Finally, food poisoning from Subway does happen and the chain has been involved in several recent outbreaks. In 2017, 18 people had symptoms linked to Norovirus from a Normandy Park, WA location. Salmonella is a commonly reported diagnosis and diarrhea & nausea are the most reported symptoms from Subway.

Hope this is helpful. Have a good afternoon and thank you for your time.

Your friends, SafelyHQ Support.
1 Reply 2 months ago
Agree, seems more like covid (known to cause GI symptoms and respiratory symptoms) or an adenovirus or something similar.
Reply 2 months ago
I think the first bout was from a Gram-positive organism in the sandwich. The sickness later in the week sounds like a respiratory illness that the victim was more susceptible to due to decreased immunity from the food poisoning.
5 Reply 2 months ago

I'm writing this on behalf of my mother, who got sick today on her 68th birthday after eating at Lucky's plus the last time she ate there, which was Feb. 20, 2023. Back in February, she thought it was a stomach bug and kind of dismissed it... See More but today, the exact same thing happened to her after she ate a very similar meal. Today she had prime rib, stuffed mushrooms, baked sweet potato, and salad with French dressing. Back in February, she had the same meal except with filet mignon instead of prime rib. Exactly 2 hours later, she suddenly started feeling very "phlegmy" and congested in the throat with a runny nose. This was accompanied by extreme nausea and non-stop vomiting for several hours with some diarrhea and cold sweats. She says the food did not seem to taste "off". Nonetheless, I'm fairly certain this is some sort of allergic reaction or food poisoning and the business needs to take a look at either what they're putting in this specific dish, or their food preparation/storage. | Symptoms: Nausea, Diarrhea, Vomiting, Runny Nose, Sweating See Less

I got it last weekend I was having really bad lower stomach cramps and a runny nose for this past week I finally threw up today and it was orange all of a sudden I feel a lot better I feel like it was their food I... See More haven’t been able to eat much and I’ve been very tired I ate chicken fries with green sauce | Symptoms: Cramps, Runny Nose, Diarrhea, Nausea, Vomiting See Less

Suspected food poisoning. Symptoms: other: sore throat and runny nose
Suspected source: fish lasagna
Onset: Less than 4 hours
Duration: Several days
Sick: Me | Symptoms: Runny Nose, Sore Throat See Less

I have ordered 15 pieces of garlic chicken tender strips I usually get from wings stop sometimes. But I was feeling way better being in the 1st of April then order my chicken garlic tender strips then the next morning I started feeling a headache then around... See More after 4 hours later I start feeling stomachache now I have a lil runny nose but I'm starting to feel a lil better after taking my vitamins and fish oil now just feeling better since the 3rd or April I think this location need a food health check I don't want people getting sick at this location.
Just giving a head up for those who will be ordering wingstop at this location👍🏽 | Symptoms: Headache, Runny Nose, Stomach Pain
See Less

I ate breakfast, at this location. By lunch, I was loosing my appetite. Lunch,Christmas Eve, was the last thing, I successfully ate, with no issues other then getting full fast. If I eat, even the smallest amount, of anything, I get horribly nauseated, and start to tremble... See More all over. I have had Sepsis and I wasn't this sick. I do have a stiff neck, (REALLY STIFF),runny nose & sneezing but, I have taken 4 Covid test. All of the Covid tests, turned out negative.I also have had a horrible head ache, that slams me, behind my left eye. The headache comes & goes. The headache may be unrelated. My kidney hurts and I am excessively salivating and running a fever. I am starting, to not be able to tolerate fluids, either now.I have thought, I was dying, right then and thought I was poisoned. My temperature went at least to 101.5. I have not thrown up at all.
this was the only place i ate the day i started to get sick do badly
This was the only food, that i ate, that no one else ate too. Being a holiday we had about 10 people in the house at all times so food was prepared for everyone. No one else got sick in my family. My boyfriend took me out to eat and we eat different things . I had pancakes with syrup, scrambled eggs and hash browns with shredded cheddar cheese. i am just now starting to get over this were i can eat again. I hope no one else on the other hand has to feel like this. I thought I had been poisoned and/or that I was dying. I need a heart transplant so something less hard on someone else could make me feel worse, I realize. | Symptoms: Nausea, Fever, Headache, Runny Nose
See Less

Occurred Sat 8 Oct 2022. Approx 1930 hours. Reported via website; follow up report added via App.

My housemate and partner also have experienced similar symptoms from our evening dinner from here.

We did telephone the store to share our concern about the possible hygiene issues with... See More the young lady who served us. The manager, whose name he provided was “Jordan” - stated none of his employees have nose piercings as it is against company policy and felt I had visited another store. I told Jordan that there’s only one RR near our home - and it’s his on Ferntree Gully Road.

Long story short - I doubt he took my report seriously. I will be contacting RR corporate on Monday - to again report the possible food poisoning AND what I witnessed from an unsanitary and unhealthy front line employee who handled our food, while possible I’ll, without gloves hands.

Again- I was quite tired after working a long day, but was awake enough to recall the details of the store staff after we all became violently sick and ill approximately 90 minutes after eating their chicken. That was the only food any of us had eaten since 10/11am that morning.

A summary of my online report of my experience. Adding my housemate and partners experience for a total of 3 of us becoming ill after earring their “hot and sweet” fried chicken and regular fried chicken.


8 piece dinner from here

The cashier and order packet had dark and dirty looking fingernails and a runny nose.  Her nose piercing looked inflamed.

Possibly her acne on neck - where she scratched with her hands constantly - also was in contact with my chicken breasts that she handled with her ungloved right hand forefinger and thumbs (inspecting to ensure it was warm she said).    

I was tired and hungry - and didn’t connect the dots on her runny nose, dirty and possible acne infected fingers when she handled my food.

Became nauseas and vomiting about 90 minutes after eating the chicken. | Symptoms: Nausea, Vomiting, Runny Nose
See Less

I ate enchiladas w regular shredded cheese twice (2 days ago) then as a midnight snack but I added Supremo Chihuahua shredded cheese to my midnight snack and as soon as I finished eating it my throat started to hurt. When I woke up in the morning... See More my throat was in so much pain & the throat pain lasted the whole day. since then I’m also sneezing and have a major runny nose. I thought I was crazy for thinking a cheese could make me feel like this but it has to be the cheese because it happened right after I ate the food with that cheese. I rest that type of cheese can have lysteria & their website says the milk is pasteurized but the cheese is not 😳 | Symptoms: Runny Nose See Less

diarrhea, stomach pain congestion (blocked runny nose), nausea | Symptoms: Nausea, Diarrhea, Vomiting, Stomach Pain, Runny Nose, Congestion See Less

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