Berlin, Germany

Poisoned 6 months ago
Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Berlin, Germany
“i visited berlin between 10-14/01/2020.
on the 13/01 after eating brunch in about 1215 at restaurant in the city, i suddenly felt very bad. symptoms included: shortness in breath, very hard dizziness, nausia, sudden urge to go the toilet, very hard friend who was with me said i looked white completly.
i share with you what and where i ate exaxctly:
on 12/01 morning ate at cappuccino grand cafe - eggs benedict, cheese, and ham.
on 12/01 evening ate at block house branch near zoo - tartar and steak.
on 13/01 morning at at what do you fancy love - bagel with salmon and fruit juice.”
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1 person had — diarrhea, nausea, other and dizziness
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