Costco Wholesale, Jasmine Avenue, Webster, TX, USA

Poisoned 1 year ago
Jasmine Avenue, Webster, 77598 Texas, United States
Costco Wholesale, Jasmine Avenue, Webster, TX, USA
“I opened up a can of Kirkland cooked canned chicken for a snack on 6/28/2019. Immediately, I was hit by an unpleasant smell, like bad flatulence or sulfur. This wasn't unusual for packaged meats, and so I thought it would go away after a while. When it didn't, I thought to try the chicken anyway: it was the first can in a recently-opened bundle, and if it was bad, I could let the others in my house know not to eat it. I tried half of a smaller-sized chunk, noticing that it tasted faintly liked it smelled. 12-24 hours later, I started getting stomach troubles (general malaise, chills, excessive fatigue, bloating, and gas). I got back from a late-night drive around 12:50 AM on 6/29/2019 and made my way to the bathroom with an immediate urge to have a movement. I had constant, uncomfortable diarrhea for half an hour or so before it finally settled down, and I wasn't entirely sure what had caused it. Upon standing to wipe, the smell of the chicken hit me, and after some deduction, I decided that the suspicious canned chicken was the cause of my GI distress. I cleaned up as best I could, dehydrated and tired, and went to write this report, after warning the others in my house not to eat the chicken and hiding it away in a cupboard for future inspection. I don't expect to be compensated for this mishap (accidents happen after all); I just thought I ought to tell someone with authority so the matter could possibly be looked into in the future.”
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