Deep Run Roadhouse - VCU/Laurel St., North Laurel Street, Richmond, VA, USA


Paul Hubbard 2018-03-19 09:30
Dear Patrons, We are so sorry that you did not feel well after dining with us. You have no idea how deeply this concerns us! I have checked with all of the managers and employees regarding this matter and no one in the past year has called us about feeling ill. So it seems like a very isolated incident. We serve 200+ customers and employees on any given day and no one has reported feeling ill or having food poisoning. I assure you, we take the handling of our food with the utmost care and have numerous temperature, handling, and procedure logs the staff must fill out on a daily basis. Also we run out of food almost every day due to the high demand, so very little of our food is reheated. We also pride ourselves with near perfect health inspections since we have opened and we also have 5 employees that are serve safe certified. Food poisoning is a very serious matter and when it occurs you need to contact the correct people; the restaurant(s) managers and VDH. Please take some time and research food poisoning, you will find that food poisoning can take effect 6 hours to 2 days after the food has been eaten. It isn't neccesarily the last food that was eaten. You could have gotten a lot better idea of what gave you food poisoning if you had called our establishment and asked if anyone else had reported being sick. We would of given you a very truthful answer and you would of been able to at that point, narrow down your results to figure out what other food items it could of been. I'm not saying there is no way we could of given you food poisoning, but it is very unlikely and this certainly isn't the correct outlet to bring it to our attention. We truly hope you are feeling better. I assure you and everyone on this site "you were not poisoned". We truly care about our customers' well being and take every precaution to serve delicious and safe food everyday. If you would like to speak with me personally regarding this matter you can email me at or call my cell phone at 8043879964.