Orem, UT, USA

Food Poisoning 3 months ago
Orem, Utah, United States
Orem, UT, USA
“There was a variety of food items over three different meals, starting with an organic smoothie with pumpkin and banana, a sandwich with salami, ham, and another type of meat (unknown by name), greens, a mushroom soup  and finally a bean and cheese burrito and quesadilla with creamy  jalapeño sauce from Taco Bell. His symptoms of chilling and fatigue began before the visit to Taco Bell which was his last meal of the day previous. His symptoms were “piling on” previous to that last meal. Fresh produce for the smoothie were purchased at Harmon’s Orem, Utah at 800 North/ Sprouts at University Pky in Orem. One is sick, adult, compromised immune system with mononucleosis two months ago, deactivated after six months. He is 41. The illness started 36 hous ago after eating and culminated I’m throwing up at 5:31 today. So, Wednesday he exhibited the first symptoms after eating. ”
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1 person had — nausea, vomiting and fatigue
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