Panera Bread, Raritan Road, Clark, NJ, United States

Food Poisoning 2 years ago
Raritan Road, Clark, 07066 New Jersey, United States
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Panera Bread, Raritan Road, Clark, NJ, United States
“I work at this location. During my break on Sunday around 6:30, I ate a half Chinese Citrus Cashew Chicken Salad with a half Chipotle Chicken Avocado Melt Sandwich. After eating this meal, my stomach began to hurt the rest of my shift. When I got home, my head also began to hurt, and I thought if I ate a little something more, the pain of my stomach and head would ease. So, I ate a few crackers and trail mix, harmless foods. Shortly after, I went to sleep in severe abdominal pain, and around 12am I had to run to the bathroom to throw up several times. About 20 minutes later, I vomited some more. I went back to bed with chills and a stomachache. The next morning, I had a slight fever of 100.3, and I felt extremely weak, and the pain in my abdomen and head continued. I could hardly eat anything all day and my urine was a dark color. I did not take any medication but I managed to drink fluids. After sleeping a lot that day, the next day (today), I woke up and felt a little stronger and my fever broke, but I still had a headache and stomacheache. After I took a nap and ate soup and drank some more, I started to feel better. At times my stomach still bothers me, but not nearly as badly as it had the days before. I've worked at this Panera Bread for almost a year now and have never had or heard any complaints about the food. I honestly enjoy working there, and it generally is a popular place to eat. However, I am almost positive that eating there on Sunday gave me food poisoning, and this issue needs to be addressed. I would not want this location to close down, but I also can't allow customers to be fed this food after my experience.”
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