Pizza Hut, South Broadway Avenue, Tyler, TX, United States

Food Poisoning 3 years ago
South Broadway Avenue, Tyler, 75703 Texas, United States
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Pizza Hut, South Broadway Avenue, Tyler, TX, United States
“The food was on a credit from the last time which we actually forgot about until they told us pur total was only for the dr peppers. Credited because the order was late last time and they forgt our drinks. So we are told 45 mins to an hour at 6:38pm. Now here it is 8pm so we call, put on hold, we hang up after a long period and call back. Im on the phone at 8:08pm as the manager (or so called) tells me that order is still 30 mins from being late. She actually argued with me as if i dont have the entite call on my cell phone! Furious the doorbell rings here is our food finally. I finish informing her of her stores short cummings as she explains to me someone prob didnt key in the sale on time. I tell her its 8:20 now i have my food well well over an hour later and the Driver yet again forgot the drinks! She tells me he will come to the store and be right back. So i wait. Its 9:00pm the store is 5 mins away still no drinks. Now im pissed! I call and ask for a manager i get a VERY HELPFUL GM namned Shane. Nice guy he heard my info and spill and assured me( as he personally sent a driver my way who was here within 10 mins) that notes were under my number to ensure this never happened again. And when i hung up i was not so mad. I felt like someone actually gave a damn and i was satisfied. My wings were still hot at least. BUT From the minute i opened the container the teriyaki had a faint pungent fermited odor. I eat Asian food on a regular and ive never caught that before. But i gave it the benefit of a doubt and tried one. Then two. I didnt like them i couldnt eat it. So then i try my garlic parm. Just an odd peculiar taste . Well i was still so angry i just managed to eat a couple more and then put them in the fridge. I woke up throughout the night stomach turning somersaults and cramping. Its 2am im not getting any rest. By the time 3 and 4 get here im really uncomfortable. Im up and down the rest of the night. 8 am im on the throne and feeling really nauseous. Its 9:33 am i called in to work im also a manager at my Job and im sick as a dog from trusting you people to serve the public with quality food!! Now i see all these reviews and no wonder im sick! This is BS get your Sh#! together and do your damn jobs and stop sending out death in a container delivered late to your front door to ensure if the ingredients wont kill you the time scenario will! My Gf is also sick so i know this is the reason! You suck Pizza Hut. You need to be just another business from our childhood that cant hack it in todays market and SHUT DOWN , QUIT your jobs and help walmart out your degeneratness will be welcomed and youll fit right in there!!!!
Thanks a lot”
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