Characters KTV, 6117 20th Ave, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Temporary Closure - related to food safety 1 year ago
20th Avenue, 11204 New York, United States
Characters KTV, 6117 20th Ave, Brooklyn, NY, USA
“Violation points: 50
Sanitary Violations
1) Hot food item not held at or above 140º F.
2) Insufficient or no refrigerated or hot holding equipment to keep potentially hazardous foods at required temperatures.
3) Food not protected from potential source of contamination during storage, preparation, transportation, display or service.
4) Sanitized equipment or utensil, including in-use food dispensing utensil, improperly used or stored.
5) Plumbing not properly installed or maintained; anti-siphonage or backflow prevention device not provided where required; equipment or floor not properly drained; sewage disposal system in disrepair or not functioning properly.
6) ""Wash hands” sign not posted at hand wash facility.
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