Chipotle Mexican Grill, East Dundee Road, Palatine, IL, USA

Food Poisoning 1 year ago
East Dundee Road, Palatine, 60074 Illinois, United States
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Chipotle Mexican Grill, East Dundee Road, Palatine, IL, USA
“Ordered two burrito bowls, one for lunch and one for dinner. Both were almost identical except one had Guacamole and the other had fresh chicken. I ate the first one which consisted of half brown, half white rice, black beans, fajitas vegetables, chicken, cheese, mild and medium green chili salsa and fresh tomato salsa and guacamole. The second was the same except no guacamole and it contained fresh chicken. Ate the guacamole one first and felt fine. Ate the second one at about 6:30 pm but didn't finish it all only because I was full. At about 1:30 am all hell broke, vomiting was the worse ever experienced with six trips to the bathroom and the next was just as bad as the first. By the fifth time to the bathroom I just wanted to die. I got no sleep that night but felt better after my body ejected whatever it didn't like. The bowls were the only thing I ate all day so something in one of those two bowls was deadly. I had a coke and a bottle of water with the bowls, coke with the first and water with the second. My chest muscles were sore for two days from vomiting so violently. To say the least I am done with Chipotle as I am not going through that hell again. Not sure if it was in the food or the result of someone preparing food with dirty bathroom hands, I did like the food but not taking a chance on going through that nightmare again. I am done, Goodbye Chipotle. Please contact me if you want to follow up, be glad to talk to someone and make sure another person doesn't experience what I did, Wow!”
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