McDonald's, Georgia 36, Covington, GA, USA

Poisoned 1 year ago
Georgia 36, Covington, 30014 Georgia, United States
McDonald's, Georgia 36, Covington, GA, USA
“First of all they messed our order up when we was literally the second people in line with no one behide us an then when we got our order tgey didnt even give us the rest of it so we had to get there attention once again to get the rest of our meal . okay so i got a happy meal for my baby brother and i ate chicken nuggets dont get me wrong they was good at first and then BOOM not even 20 mins later i was sicker than a dog . Horrible nausea throwing up i didnt even wanna get out of the car . and it continuned and continued and is still continueing like what the fu*k are yall serveing me bad food or barley cooked food or rotten food like im sick as hell . i also have a 5 month old baby to tend to and i can barley mobe out the bed this is complete bullsh*t honestly ....”
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