New York New York Pizza, East 7th Avenue, Tampa, FL, United States Food Poisoning

Poisoned 1 year ago
1512 East 7th Avenue, Tampa, 33605 Florida, United States
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“I had a slice of cheese pizza from the NY NY pizza menu probably after 8 pm and my symptoms started less than 2 hours later. Nausea, body aches, headache. I thought it was from lack of sleep. I had my partner run my back and I felt sick from it. It hurt so bad I felt ill; my partner explained I had a lot of nerve tension being released, it could make me sick. I could barely open my eyes. Then we thought the symptoms were gas being really stuck. I thought to try vomiting, I go to the bathroom and I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to get anything up without forcing and all of a sudden I'm projectile vomiting! No force. It was terrible, but I felt better. I took a melatonin to try and get some sleep because this was the worst pain I've ever been in (I never had food poisoning before), and just as I'm falling asleep finally, I feel SICK. I'm contemplating getting up to vomit again. I remember saying, I don't want to in the bed, then it was the same thing. I went to the toilet and all of a sudden I'm projectile vomiting, not once but FOUR times after each other. I'm standing all the way up. The 5th time I knelt because of the pain in my sternum as I was throwing up. It was violent. It was a lot. Then I feel gas, think to relieve it... oh no I crapped my pants. I remove my pants, I sit and it's all diarrhea. It's liquid, it's rushing out. This happened two more times, my stool was completely liquid and it sounded like urinating a day's worth of water. I couldn't sleep so I stayed up for awhile. I woke my partner up to drive to the gas station for a ginger ale. I was able to sleep 3 hours. I haven't stood up yet but I can tell my body has been through a lot. Well, those are the details for. My partner had a pepperoni slice and did not experience any of the symptoms.”
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