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Buffalo Wild Wings, Benton Boulevard, Pooler, GA, USA
Symptoms: Cramps
So a few months back my family and I went to Pooler, GA for a fun family vacation. We stopped at different fast food places because everyone wanted something different so me and my little brother went there. When we walked in we waited in line and placed our order and we waited 45 minutes to an hour until our mom came in and asked what was taking so long. We all walked to the counter to see if our food was ready or if they were still making it and the people were like “we forgot y’all were here.” My mom said “it’s ok we’ll just go somewhere else.” Mind you, we had already paid when we were ordering. So when my mom asked the lady if we could have our money back, the lady was like “you can have your money back and you can take the food with you. We were going to throw it in the trash anyway.” So we got the food and my mom dropped us offer the hotel so they could get their food. After about 30 minutes of me eating, my stomach started cramping really bad so I just assumed my cycle was on. The cramping was going and coming and when it came I could barely walk. The cramping lasted a good 25-30 minutes before I told anyone about it. So that night I was googling things like what does food poisoning feel like and am I allergic to the ingredients there. I didn’t really get much from it and the cramping started to go away so when my parents got home I just told them and we went to sleep and I forgot about it that morning.
— Reported By User September 20, 2020 9:37 PM