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Poisoned 3 years ago
Edina, 55435 Minnesota, United States
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pf changs
“December 18, 2015 - I was poisoned at PF Chang with shiitake mushrooms which were part of "NEW" Chang's Lobster rice dish - $17.50.

"NEW" Chang's Lobster rice dish ingredients.
Wild-caught lobster wok-crisped, served over fried rice with egg, *shiitakes*, fresno peppers, edamame and fresh garlic butte (orthography is preserved from the source)

~ Shiitake itself could be a good thing , but is very dangerous when is eaten raw or not fully cooked.

Livestrong -
Lentinan, a starch-like component in shiitake mushrooms can cause the blood vessels to dilate and release inflammatory compounds underneath the skin that trigger the symptoms of an allergic reaction. A toxic reaction, which isn't a true allergic reaction because the immune system is not involved, typically occurs when the body has a bad reaction to lentinan, a starch-like component in shiitake mushrooms.

~ Then I did not know all that...:

After 2 days I discovered some developing rash and next day I was all covered with hives, blisters and scratch like marks. My face was all swollen and covered with blisters. I went to urgent care, but the doctor was puzzled, saying that my skin marks look like a reaction to a poison ivy or oak. That could have been a great explanation with an exception that I would have a hard time to find those in December in Minnesota.

Next day, I visited a Dermatology clinic , where diagnosis was intake poisoning.. In short, I am very healthy, not allergic to anything and I do not grow poison ivy as a house plant. By then my symptoms became much worse. Biopsy has been ordered as a result of that visit. I was prescribed very steroid cream and pills with horrible side effects.

~ Connecting the dots:

I was still thinking about the source and have done some research. The key to my research became scratch like marks all over my body. While affected areas (pretty much all body) are itchy, I did not scratch myself to cause those marks.
I found several articles on identical symptoms that came from shiitake intoxication; it was not hard to trace the source of my poisoning. I prefer home food over dining out. I was not exposed to anything else that could have caused that reaction on my skin. And guess what, shiitake was in my food at PF Changs

~ Sorry, just me :

I was the only one in our group who had this dish. None of my relatives got the same symptoms either. And when I found photographs , even my 4 y.o. asked if these are my pictures.”
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