Sheetz #11, Chestnut Avenue, Altoona, PA, USA

Food Poisoning 1 year ago
Chestnut Avenue, Altoona, 16601 Pennsylvania, United States
Sheetz #11, Chestnut Avenue, Altoona, PA, USA
“i ate a meatball sub there on Saturday November 3rd around 5 or 6 pm i woke up on the 4th i had a high fever temp around 100.4 i was shivering really bad and sweating alot i was soaked my bed was soaked with sweat i got out of bed and i stumbled almost fell into the bathroom im still sick its the 6th im going to go to the hospital tommorow if it doesnt pass though. I love sheetz food i order from there alot this was the first time i have ever had to resort to reporting food poisoning on your store i wont report it to these other 3 places but this has to be checked out. i no longer had the reciept or packageing of the item in question i never had an issue till now i tossed the reciept in the store as i picked up my food order but as of now i will always keep my reciepts anytime i order from sheetz and the store i mentioned will no longer be on my stop list for food add vomiting to my last details as well as it started on the 3rd day”
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1 person had — diarrhea, fever and nausea