Soylent Stacked, Emeryville, CA

Food Poisoning 1 month ago
Emeryville, California, United States
Soylent Stacked, Emeryville, CA
“I had become crazy dehydrated. It is a new drink they just launched, It is called “Soylent Stacked”, I bought it directly from Soylent, which this company got in trouble in the past for. Basically, I had two drinks so far the first one caused me to wake up with a sore throat about 6 hours later. This sore throat I believe was from stomach acid. I didn’t make the connection. Then the next morning I drank it and 6 hours later I had extreme fatigue, diarrhea, vomiting, pain, etc. I was completely fine, and it felt like a switch was flipped and I was instantly sick. Couldn’t hold down liquids, got really dizzy. Went to ER, they treated me for symptoms, but they definitely thought it was food poisoning, I just don’t know what type. The doctor gave me 3 Liters of saline, anti-nausea so I could drink liquids, and pain killers. I’m still sick, but drastically better we are at about 30 hours”
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Doctor Visit : Yes
Diagnosis: Doctor visit
1 person had — diarrhea, vomiting, fatigue and stomach pain
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