Taco Bell, Commerce Boulevard, Dickson City, PA, USA

Food Poisoning 1 year ago
Commerce Boulevard, Dickson City, 18519 Pennsylvania, United States
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Taco Bell, Commerce Boulevard, Dickson City, PA, USA
“This is the first time this has ever happened to me. I went to this Taco Bell and ordered 3 soft tacos and 3 bean burritos. I ate the 2 tacos when I got home and then a bean burrito later that night. About 2 hours after eating the burrito, my mouth started to water and I rushed to find a plastic bag because I knew I was going to vomit without making it to my toilet. I vomited 6 times before finally falling asleep from exhaustion. My fiance came into bed about 4 hours after I fell asleep. Once he got into bed and I started to wake up a little bit, I had a horrendous cramp in my lower intestines and I ran into the bathroom. I had him check the bed because it felt like I had been incontinent, but it was only gas. A significant amount of gas. After that, I went back to sleep for about 3 more hours until I had to wake up for class. (I'm in nursing school) The first thing I did was run back into the bathroom and that's when the diarrhea started. Liquid, yellow stool that was accompanied by the worst stomach cramps I ever felt. The force of bowel movement caused me to vomit on the bathroom floor as stool was gushing into the toilet. My entire body was overcome by chills, but my body felt extremely hot. I grabbed the thermometer from the cabinet and my temperature was 100.2 degrees Fahrenheit. I had to call my nursing instructor from my toilet to tell her I couldn't make it to class today. I took some Immodium and sat in my shower for 45 minutes in hopes that the hot water would help me. Neither the medicine nor the shower helped and I fell asleep on my living room floor for about 2 hours. Finally, I tried to make it stop by utilizing the BRAT diet, and all that did was add fuel to be expelled. Due to being in school, I do not work, therefore I do not have insurance, so I didn't see a doctor. Needless to say, that was the final time I ever eat from Taco Bell, or any other fast food restaurant ever again!!”
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1 person had — diarrhea, fever, nausea and vomiting