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Burger King, U.S. 64, Marion, Arkansas, USA
Symptoms: Nausea, Vomiting, Cramps
We were traveling and decided to stop here. 3/25/2021 It was 2:30 when we places our order.We actually thought the store was closed, because no cars were on the lot, besides the workers cars. We pulled up to the drive thru menu and realized they were open when we heard a voice ask for our order. We thought this would be quick because nobody was in the drive thru but us at the time. Nobody behind or in front. NOBODY! We pull to the second window and pay for our order and the lady give our change and ask us to move up .We were kind of surprised she asked us to move up because they were not busy at all! We waited at least 15 minutes for our food at a non busy time. We thought they were making the food fresh. WRoNG! It was cold, molded, and old! We were very upset that we sat there that long for some cold, molded and old food. If we weren't already on the intestate, we would have turned around to get our money back! I even called the store manager and explained to her the way the food wasn't prepared properly and she responded, "I'm sorry to hear that I'm gonna get on my crew right now." She really didn't sound concerned or asked any questions. This is unacceptable! The district Manager or the Owner need to go and check up on that store! The health department or somebody because that is nasty!. I also kept the food as evidence, We ate some before we realized how nasty and molded it was! Around 5:30 that evening my Husband Started throwing up at work and Contiuosly throughout the night. He went to his doctor 3/26/2021 and symptoms were still Bad the Text day so he went to the Emergency Room that Saturday 3/27/2021. Today is 3/29/2021 as I write this and he still isnt eating and having stomach cramps. I did call this in to them and put a complaint in.
— Reported By User March 29, 2021 11:45 AM