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Susie Lai Chinese Restaurant, 18305 NE 19th Ave., North Miami Beach
Closure Date: 03-18-2021

High Priority - Live, small flying insects in kitchen, food preparation area, food storage area and/or bar area. Observed approximately 10+ live small flying insects in the kitchen by the dish machine, and back storage areas; and approximately 7+ live small flying insects in the bathroom areas.
High Priority - Nonfood-grade bags used in direct contact with vegetables in the walk in cooler.
High Priority - Presence of insects, rodents, or other pests. Observed 2 rats running along the kitchen floor from the washware area into a hole in the wall by the kitchen back door; observed 1 rat in the back food storage area; and as Inspector is conducting inspection 1 mice ran from the dining area under the Coca Cola machine. Observed employee killing 1 mice by coffee station.
High Priority - Roach activity present as evidenced by live roaches found. Observed approximately 3 live roaches crawling in the three compartment sink, 2 live roaches on the dishwasher drain board, and 3 live roaches crawling on the kitchen wall by the storage shelf with dry noodles; 4 live roaches crawling in front of the dish machine area; 3 live roaches crawling in front of the preparation table where the cook is cooking and preparing food.
High Priority - Rodent activity present as evidenced by rodent droppings found. Observed approximately 500+ rodent droppings found throughout the kitchen, dining, food storage, and bathroom areas.

Source: Florida Department of Health
— Reported By User April 1, 2021 12:00 PM