Carl's Jr., Lake Boulevard, Redding, CA, USA

Food Poisoning 1 year ago
Lake Boulevard, Redding, 96003 California, United States
Carl's Jr., Lake Boulevard, Redding, CA, USA
“My husband brought home dinner Wednesday night after he got off work. I was the only one who got a western burger and crisscut fries.

I hadn’t eaten all day, I noticed the fries were a little limp and tepid and I’m not sure if it was the burger or the fries that did me in.

But within an hour after eating my stomach started hurting, within two I was getting nauseous. Three hours later I had full on stomach cramping and vomiting which lasted until morning when I finally threw up the last of the burger and fries. After that my stomach felt better by Thanksgiving evening I was feeling a little hungry and was able to eat jello.

I will never eat at Carl’s junior again 🤢 stupid food poisoning ruined thanksgiving plans for my family.”
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