Red Lobster, Prior Avenue North, Roseville, MN, USA

Food Poisoning 6 months ago
Prior Avenue North, Roseville, 55113 Minnesota, United States
Red Lobster, Prior Avenue North, Roseville, MN, USA
“We ate at on Thursday. We ate different things but we both had Caesar salad. By Saturday I felt very bad with a headache and bowel movements at least four times and cramps. On Sunday I had diarrhea and more cramps my husband had also felt bad but not as much as I do. The only thing we ate in common was the salad. All our food at home is fresh., Symptoms really started when I got up on Saturday. At first I thought it could be from the medication I took Friday night, but I never feel this bad or have it last this long. Since both my husband and I have been sick it seems it must be from food we both ate. I felt a little nauseated but I didn’t vomit.”
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