Red Lobster, Woodbridge Township, Iselin, NJ, USA

Food Poisoning 9 months ago
Woodbridge Township, 08830 New Jersey, United States
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Red Lobster, Woodbridge Township, Iselin, NJ, USA
“Went there on July 21, 2018 around 9pm with a close friend of mine, we both ordered shrimp alfredo but I added chicken to mine. First and foremost the shrimp tasted so funny I did not even finish eating it all. Took the rest home and ate it the very next afternoon immediately after I felt bloated and nauseated. I had the runs, tried to sleep it off did not work, eventually I made myself puke which helped a little now I’m on my way to my doctor just to make sure nothing serious is going on. Be careful eating out at these restaurants.”
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