San Juan, Puerto Rico

Food Poisoning 1 month ago
San Juan, San Juan, Puerto Rico
San Juan, Puerto Rico
“From a food court , Hamburger or fried chicken, not too sure. 1 person. My son who ate the food.
For the hamburger a friend brought it. Do not know yet, as my son started the symptoms during the night
Given the circumstances and onset of the symptoms, I am now more convinced that the causal food is the Fried chicken rather than the hamburger (purchased yesterday and eaten less than an 1 hour before the first food poisoning symptom appears). And I suspect more the post-purchase handling of the food. Indeed the fried chicken was bought on Wednesday at KFC in Plazza Americas, San Juan. The issue is that my son kept the rest until Thursday midday, but had not preserve it in the fridge. He reheated it yesterday at 3pm to then eat it with his friend of 14 years.

The 1st symptom (nausea) started at around 8.30pm, i.e. 25-30 minutes after eating the hamburger we bought, for me, it was just a simple coincidence regarding the hamburger). The serious vomiting and diarrhea occurred at around 11/11.30pm , almost midnight. Although he ate the same food (reheated fried chicken at 3pm, then hamburger at 8.30pm) with the friend, the latter did not have any single symptom. My son appeared therefore to have been more sensitive to the causal microbiological agent or may be he ate more chicken pieces than his friend.

I hope that this is useful. I am not certain 100% that KFC is to be blamed.”
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