Starbucks, High Point Drive, Victor, NY, USA

Food Poisoning 1 year ago
High Point Drive, Victor, 14564 New York, United States
Starbucks, High Point Drive, Victor, NY, USA
“I had a grande latte both times I visited: 1/2/19 and 1/12/19. No flavor added. I started to feel nauseous 15 minutes later and today, felt nauseous immediately. Rushed home both times. Had vomiting and diarrhea both times, all day. Probably a coincidence? Maybe bad milk although they go through milk so fast that I am not sure. I love Starbucks and have never had an issue before this year. I thought afterwards that the baristas push the lid onto the cup with the palm of their hand. Hands are germy and that contaminates the cup. Baristas should be taught that in their training.”
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