Walmart, Colorado, USA

Poisoned 8 months ago
Colorado, United States
Walmart, Colorado, USA
“We believe possibly black grapes from here, My husband bought black grapes a week ago. He ate a handful, woke up sick and vomiting with chills and fever also had leg pain and soreness. We thought it was a bug. I have my oldest daughter some grapes for school lunch. Within 24 hrs she had the exact same symptoms including the leg pain. Again we thought she caught the bug from her dad or someone at school. It's been almost a week and my youngest daughter had a handful of those grapes. By 5 am this morning she began throwing up also having leg pains and headache. We spoke about what it could be and realized everyone who became ill had the same symptoms and had eaten the black grapes.”
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3 people had — diarrhea, fever, nausea and vomiting
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