Fresh Express Baby Spinach, Williamsport, PA

Food Poisoning 6 months ago
Williamsport, Pennsylvania, United States
Fresh Express Baby Spinach, Williamsport, PA
“I purchased Fresh Express Baby Spinach from my local grocery store. I ate the spinach in a salad that I prepared and around the 2 hour mark, I became violently ill. My stomach because extremely bloated and distended. I experienced severe and uncontrollable diarrhea which evolved into diarrhea and vomiting. I then developed a fever, chills and weakness. I am on day 3, and although I am starting to feel better, I am still feeling pangs of repercussions. I am dehydrated and my head hurts. I can't get hydrated. Could it have been something else? Maybe. But I doubt it. I live in close proximity to 6 other people and I work in a crowded office. Nobody else is sick... and nobody else ate the spinach. Just throwing it out there, in the case anybody else experiences a similar episode. The product, again, is Fresh Express Baby Spinach Use By: Aug 27 Z221B12A 20:49 79 (whatever that all means)”
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