Instant noodles, East London, South Africa

Poisoned 1 month ago
East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Instant noodles, East London, South Africa
“Opened a pack of instant noodles. It smelled weird, there was a strong odour that Ive never smelled before, almost like when you microwave a plastic bowl with something extra, lol!

Anyway, I was hungry so I ate them and they were vile, they tasted exactly like they smelled! I added some mince to mask the task and they were still vile! Nevertheless, I just about finished the whole bowl but because I was drinking coke in-between, I was full. I contemplated finishing it but I couldnt.

After taking the bowl out of my room, the odour remained in the room for a couple of hours.

Anyway, I currently have diarrhea and am very nauseous. I also have random sharp cramps, had a brief chest pain. Have a headache now, I assume from dehydration. Drinking water doesnt help either.”
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