Pampa Smoked Oysters, Waterloo, IA, USA

Poisoned 6 months ago
Waterloo, Iowa, United States
Pampa Smoked Oysters, Waterloo, IA, USA
“I opened a can of Pampa Smoked Oysters and got violently ill shortly after eating them.  I took pictures of the can with it’s code numbers and expiration date. I had and am continuing to feel extremely sick. I have vomited but still remain ill.   I AM THE ONLY PERSON WHO ATE IT.  THE ABDOMINAL PAIN STARTED MAYBE 30 MINUTES.  THAT WAS WELL OVER AN HOUR AND HALF AGO.  I DO HAVE PICTURES OF THE CONTAINER WITH ALL CODES AND ALSO THE PAPER PACKAGE THAT IT CAME IN. I BOUGHT IT AT A RETAILER TODAY. I ATE THE ENTIRE CAN.”
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1 person had — vomiting, stomach pain, diarrhea and nausea
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