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Alexandria, Virginia, United States

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I purchased a Big Mac meal from McDonalds on Sunday September 23, 2018. Immediately after finishing my meal I felt nauseous. I then began to have stomach pain. Today is Wednesday September 26,2018 and I still have stomach pain, I am also constipated and bloated. My stomach is swollen and I also do not have much of an appetite. Read More

Sep 17 4:15pm

Whole Foods Market, Duke Street, Alexandria, VA, USA

Symptoms: Diarrhea Nausea


On Saturday afternoon, September 15, 2018, after 4:00 pm, I purchased a half pound each of the Chicken Pasta Salad and the Deli Pasta Salad, a few pieces of the grilled Chicken and the Chicken combination with tomatoes, onions and olives and various items from the Salad bar. I also bought a sliced loaf of Large Rustic IH Bread. This was my very first purchase of this bread. I actually ordered the Pasta salads from over the counter because I felt that they would be fresher. Boy, was I wrong. When I arrived home, I immediately placed all the perishables into the refrigerator except the Bread because I had to put other items away from my various shopping trips. About 45 minutes to an hour later, I prepared my food which included two small slices of the rustic Bread and sat down to eat. Initially, the food tasted okay, but I noticed that the grilled Chicken was very dry and had an "odd" taste. I get this Chicken quite often and it tasted "off" from its usual flavor. Since the Chicken tasted funny to me, I only ate two small pieces and tossed out the salad. I had put scoops of the two Chicken salads on the corners of my Pasta and tossed those as well because the overall taste of the whole thing was below the standards of the food I customarily purchase from Whole Foods. Less than an hour or so later, I began to feel bubbling in my stomach, then followed by a gaseous cramping and nausea. I was praying that I would not have to vomit because, to me, that is the worst thing in the world right up there with diarrhea. Fortunately, I did not have to vomit but I had yellowish/greenish explosive diarrhea that came on so acutely I had to literally RUN to the bathroom and sat in there for almost an hour!! I am sure that my diarrhea resulted from the food I purchased from Whole Foods Market because that is the only food I had all day!! I was horrified and incredulous that I got sick from something I ate from this store because I have purchased salad, prepared foods, breads, cookies and cakes for years from this location. However, I have noticed that the food does not look as "appetizing" or fresh on the various bars as it used to and the professional standards have eroded a little over the years. I encourage local and corporate management to evaluate the food safety and quality of the food at this location and I strongly recommend a visit from the City of Alexandria Health Department to ensure that this store is following CDC/universal food safety standards to include proper handwashing, food preparation and storage procedures!! Read More