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Krispy Kreme, South Bradley Road, Santa Maria, CA, USA

Latest report: December 30, 2021 7:50 PM
#krispykreme #santamaria #california #unitedstates

2 weeks ago

I work for Krispy Kreme 788 Santa Maria, ca. An employee got covid and they hid it from us. They never sanitized the restaurant and exposed us all.

Dfeh Case Number: 202112-15742229

Update: all of the sudden the district manager is trying to call me right now.... See More Probably to fire me for disclosing this to the public. I don't know much but I know my rights. Like the right to disclose environmental dangers to the public.

Like this:

I work here. It is dangerous to work and dangerous to eat. Covid super spreader. Covering up Corona virus exposure.

Here is a timeline of incidents in the last 3 months.

A Baker is diagnosed with covid and quarantined for two weeks. Despite having a contact relationship with baker, an assistant manager keeps going to their shifts. No contact tracing, no info given to employees or public. The store isn't even sanitized.

Water pump in mixer begins leaking. Maintenance sent in. Cover replaced with duct tape, mixer still leaks.

black mold forms around mixer. No fungicide provide to kill mold.

Electrical problems with main control proofer heater pump ect. On doughnut machine. Sparks, smoke, me getting shocked for weeks. Private electrician hired by dm informs me of fire hazards and non compliance issues. Next week we have a different electrician from wks.


Still mold

Other violations

Employees not washing hands. Chemicals stored on pallets on top of food for days at a time. Broken machinery inside of oil heater. Metal contamination. Disregard of allergen protocol. A month without hot water because of broken water heater. Overworked bakers and managers due to inability to retain employees.

There are cameras and audio everywhere dumbass even in my pocket.
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