Applebee's, Center Square Road, Swedesboro, NJ, United States

Food Poisoning 2 years ago
Center Square Road, Swedesboro, 08085 New Jersey, United States
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Applebee's, Center Square Road, Swedesboro, NJ, United States
“Ordered a burger carside. Somehow it ended up being a burger with bacon onions maybe peppers inside? Topped with a ridiculous amount of gooey cheddar cheese?! I have no idea what it was but when I went to pick up my order I paid and went to the car then realized my fries were cold so I went back in and asked for something else. By this time I'm waiting for a good 4 minutes and the food is getting cold. The manager comes out and says 2 more minutes okay? I said okay or you can just give me anything else I am starving and I haven't eaten in hours. Long story short I didn't check the burger until I got home to realize it was some random weird stuffed burger. Needless to say I ate it! I didn't enjoy it but I sure did eat it Bc I was starving and the last thing I was about to do was return to apple bees to wait even longer. This was on April 23, 20017 at around 10 pm. I usually stay up late due to work so I would say I started experiencing the pain around 1 am but lightly. The next day was cramping in and out (on the 24th) the night was actually very painful and then boom this morning (April 25) was hell on earth!!!! The cramps and sickness was out of control. I thought maybe it could have been the flu coming but I just kept thinking back to the sickness I felt after I indulged in that disgusting burger and this was the same feeling times 100. Around noon today I started to feel terrible but an 8 out of a 10 as aposed to a 10 out of 10 I felt in the morning. As the night is progressing I am sicker and sicker. Right now the pain is severe and I am contemplating the hospital. I am in and out of an unbearable feeling and it's really quite indescribable. I wish this not on the worst person in the world!! I hope Apple Bees can clean up and get it together. I've heard multiple people complain about this location and I'm sorry I didn't listen. I guess a health inspector visit couldn't hurt as well as some unannounced visitors from the board of health. If so please order the burger with a ton of crap in it and be aware because who knows it that thing was cooked and what the hell was inside. Tomorrow will be my second day of missed work. My $20 meal ended up costing me much more by my missed days. Thanks CrappleBee's, never again.”
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