Buffalo Wild Wings, Tuscany Street, Corona, CA, United States Food Poisoning

Poisoned 1 year ago
2670 Tuscany Street, Corona, 92881 California, United States
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75 cent chicken wings Thursday 9/14/17, “I ate at Buffalo Wild Wings in Corona ca with my friend. We ate at 6:52 pm. We had 2 orders of boneless chicken wings. For 22.50. ( 75 cents each).We had habanero mango. 4 20oz ranch at 60 cents. Each. So 2.40 cents . We shared regular fries for 4.29 . We shared Mac n cheese bites. 8.49. We had free water. I had Orange Moscato Sangria in a cocktail glass for 7.35. My friend had a Heineken Glass for 6.00 $ . Subtotal was 51.03. Tax was 3.96 total was 54.99. Plus I tipped 10.00 which came to . 64.99. My friend had really bad diarrhea the next day and I had the same thing for 48 hours . I finally took Pepto bismol. We ate there before and never had a problem. I'm still having to use the restroom but not as much. I hope the health department makes a anonymous check over there just to be safe. It's the worst feeling ever. I probably won't be back at that location for a,while. It's to bad because I do like that place but how I feel now. I think I'll stick to hooters or pizza hut for wings. ( not saying they could be any better). don't want to get any 1 in trouble but just I hope the health department makes,a visit a,few times to make sure they are serving fresh food. The food tasted really good but just didn't agree with my system or my friend's.”
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