Carl's Jr. turkey burger

Poisoned 4 years ago
“I ordered the Turkey Burger with Jalipinos. I asked for no sauce. They said that's why had the Jalipinos and spice to it. So, I left it on. Drove to window, waited at least 10 min. Got the burger, at it, and immediately started burping. Didn't understand why. Didn't feel the same all night. Went to bed, woke up at 2am, felt like I was still burping up the burger. That's when the vomiting, and pooing started. Been doing that all night. Work up at 5:45am for another round of both ends. I'm laying here with knots in my gut and trying to figure out what happend. Someone should know about this. I was food poisoned. I feel like it was a malice act because of how long it too for them to get my food. I suspect they tampered with my food. My partner is fine, he has a chicken sandwich.”
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