Taco Bell Food Poisoning

Poisoned 3 years ago
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“Last night, my friend told me he was hungry and he never got the chance to eat when he went to work. Left my house around 3:30pm and headed to Taco Bell (took about 8min to get there). Ordered two five layer burritos which are our favorite thing to eat there. Got stuck in traffic a good 25min because of "construction" on a very bad rainy day (It's still raining by the way). I ended up eating burrito while I was driving because I haven't eaten as well. I had to take alternative routes and I ended up getting to his job at 4:30pm. Gave him his food and sat down at a table just to watch the Hawks vs the Rams. He got off at 5pm. And we sat there because of how bad it was raining. Around 5:40pm I felt light headed and my stomach felt like it didn't eat a single thing. I did my best to ignore the feeling. I told him and we both shrugged it off. As it neared the time to go, 5:55pm, it worsened a little stomach growled and I stumbled a little. For those 25min I drove, my stomach twisted and turned. When I got home from 6:28pm - to around 11:40pm felt like my stomach had clinical depression. I was nauseated, cramped up stomach, lost of appetite even though I felt so hungry, going back in forth to the bath room as my stomach remained indecisive throughout the night about pooping or throwing up. Distracting myself with funny videos worked only a little and playing video games didn't work at all. I thought I got sick from my friend and my friend agreed, as we talked through our Xbox live party, since I shared similar symptoms to his flu from the two nights before but that wasn't the case when I felt paralyzed for a few secs and threw up while talking to him over the mic. I wish I put it on mute. For 3min I threw up on the bag I was gonna use for throwing up in. Agonizing pain as my entire body tensed at every gag. As I finished up I finished the crucible match with him in Destiny with distorted voice and after those 5min of winning went to clean myself up. My friend ended up admitting that he never at the 5 layer burrito but instead traded with his coworker who wanted Taco Bell (which is why my friend had no symptoms through out that night but I feel so sorry for his coworker). After getting out the shower I ended up puking again but it wasn't as bad as the first round. Then my stomach rumbled as an "all clear sign" to poop. Which was diarrhea... So relieved (for now) i cleaned up entirely, got water for just in case I woke up. And I did because of a flash flood warning, and my stomach still aches. Now I'm going to finish up this report with a thank you, drink water, and try to go back to sleep.”
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1 person had — diarrhea, nausea, fever and vomiting
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