Domino's Pizza, East Main Street, Cortlandt, NY, USA

Intoxicaciуn Alimentaria hace 5 meses
East Main Street, Cortlandt, 10567 New York, United States
Total all time reports: 1
Total all time sick persons: 1
Domino's Pizza, East Main Street, Cortlandt, NY, USA
“At first I thought I may have over ate but when I went to the bathroom I pooped regularly I felt like I had to throw up a little bit. So I turned around and threw up. After that I put some cold water on my face I was heating up. After that I was vomiting and having diarrhea for about 2-3 hours. My stomach still hurt but at the 3 hour mark I was just pooping clear liquids. I had threw up again but it looked watery and light brown. Currently it’s the next day and I feel a lot better but I’m still slightly nauseous. I tried to use the bathroom and still that clear brownish liquid.”
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1 person had — diarrhea, nausea and vomiting