Arby's, Linden Avenue, Dayton, OH, USA

Food Poisoning 10 months ago
Linden Avenue, Dayton, 45432 Ohio, United States
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Arby's, Linden Avenue, Dayton, OH, USA
“August 5,2018 at 6 pm I purchased a loaded baked potato with cheese and brocoli. I went home and ate it while noticing it was not the usual amount of cheese and brocoli, it was smothered with cheese covering the potatoes entire surface top and sides. After eating the cheese off most of potato with parts of the potato and skin I noticed big black spots all over the potato. I quit eating and called the restaurant. They apologized and said they would give me new food. I hung up and within 15 minutes I was nauseusand glued to my bathroom due to severe diarrhea accompanied with severe cramps. I was I’ll til the next day. Into the afternoon. This is terrible and should let everyone know beware of Arby’s food practices to sell food. Now I don’t know exactly how to handle this although I think I should do something. Any help appreciated”
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