Chick-fil-A, First Colony Boulevard, California, MD, United States

Poisoned 3 years ago
First Colony Boulevard, California, 20619 Maryland, United States
Chick-fil-A, First Colony Boulevard, California, MD, United States
“Went to chick-fil-A to get my 5 kids something to eat. Got them all 6 count kids meals. The next morning they all got sick and started vomiting one after the other about 10-20 minutes apart. I figured it had to be something that they all came into contact with at around the same time. Chick-Fil-A was the last thing they had and they all ate the same exact thing. This was on Saturday and they are closed on Sunday so I will be calling someone Monday morning to see what's going on with their food. I got food poisoning before from McDonald's chicken nuggets and when my kids vomited it looked just liked mine did when I got sick. Chunky and orange colored. I already hated eating out and paying for cold nasty food prepared by teenagers that don't care and adults that don't practice good hygiene. They don't wear gloves, scratch their heads, touch things without washing their hands like cellphones, their sweaty visor, eyeglasses ect. That stuff is dirty.”
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