Poisoned 5 years ago
“I ate two chicken biscuits at Chick Fil-A on the morning the joint first opened to the public. I had stomach cramps which developed into Diahreah and cramps for three days. It is bad enough that growth hormones may be injected into the baby chicks moments upon reaching the needle point, but this science experiment has far-reaching unintentional consequences. Unfortunately, having no cash for food on my person that evening, I used one free combo cards to satisfy hunger on Nov 12th, 2014; I ordered and ate the No. 1 chicken sandwich combo, (but not all the waffle fries), because within a short moments later the sounds of churning began to unsettle within my digestive system. I experienced cramping and nausea. The cramping symptoms extended into the early morning hours of the 13th even though I had consumed anti-diahreah pills. I feel as though I am a science experiment of global over-population of the human race.”
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