Little Caesars

Food Poisoning 3 years ago
US Hwy 59 North, Porter, 77365 Texas, United States
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Little Caesars
“I called in my order it took me calling twice for them to answer the phone. They were busy . No biggie so I told them my order 1 large supreme . He said it might be 20-30 minutes because they were extremely busy I said that was fine I was about that far away so I get there about 30 minutes later and the line was out the door no biggie so I waited .. The line was outage door again I biggie the guy in back saw all the people and said "fuck my life" I felt for the guy it was Friday night and slammed . Anyways so I paid for my pizza took it to my car started the hour and a half drive home and my boyfriend are half the pizza while feeding parts to our dog and I ate 1 slice being as how I had eaten spaghetti at my moms and boyfriend started complaining of extreme headache I had to turn the radio down . We get home and he goes straight to bed including the dog his muscles ache on his whole body I gave him naproxen he started feeling nauseous and the light was hurting his head so I made the room dark and quiet . He threw up after refraining for a while .. He will do anything before throwing up that's how I knew it was bad once he did that . He's been in bed freezing and hurting all over . He has a headache. The pizza seemed not so good looked really not fresh like they usually do at the Livingston little Caesars it was cold and just wasn't very good . I don't feel too bad but I had something else on my stomachs first and he had eaten it on an empty stomach and hadn't eaten all day so he ate quite a bit . I am going to see if I can't take the rest of this pizza and get. It tested for food poisoning . If it's the case . Get ready”
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1 person had — diarrhea, nausea, fever and vomiting
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